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Oh good another Starbomb Album. Time for Arins poor attempts at rapping and creating lyrics to mask over any actual talent Danny and Brian have. Time for Arin to outsource his animation for the music videos so he doesn’t have to do jack diddly shit except shit his pants and sit around not understanding basic game mechanics.

See that’s what I wanted. That’s what I wanted that wildstar didn’t give me. I want to go to cool places and see cool things in these kind of games, not flat green fields and single room houses.


Phil Fish fakes being hacked by “/V/”, and the “leader” of 4chan. Damage control to the maximum.

i could crush you like a grape

I start on a boat?

did I accidentally opening Morrowind or something?

So Adam Sessler, Alex Lifschitz, and Zoe Quinn walk in to a bar...


So these three were at a bar watching Zoe getting “hacked”, and Adam Sessler tweets this out:


If you look at Alex’s laptop, you see 4chan (from the color scheme, it looks like its /v/).

Then this post pops up on /v/ a little bit later;


Look at the “delete” button…

my dude looks like an old ass dude whose seen some shit and I am 100% down




i just …. can’t … quite … reach …